The Horror Of Never Being Able To Forget

by Amygdala

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This is Ⓐmygdalas first Ep.
first pressing will be 100 tapes that will be self released
following a different cover and art for when the ep gets pressed for a 7" for our upcoming tour this winter. westcoast/midwest.


released October 7, 2014

Recorder by Vernon Friday
Mastered by Mike garrison


all rights reserved



Amygdala San Antonio, Texas

5 piece hardcore punk band from San Antonio, Texas. (A) (E)

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Track Name: One joy will scatter a hundred sorrows
Walking aimlessly through the crowds its like im on autopilot.
If you killed me right now, i wouldn't even know i was dead. Constantly groping in the dark to find myself, dancing on the graves of my dreams.

Im only living off the rewards of your love. You found the worth in me.
neuron synapse flood my amygdala with aggression towards all that i see.

They say, how can you love someone when you dont even love yourself.
I know im not good enough for you, im lucky to have you hold my hand walking side by side.

Now that im with you, one joy will scatter a hundred sorrows.
Track Name: It may be those who do most, dream the most.
Create your own beautiful world.
create your own reality.
Build what you want done, in the end what does it all mean to you?

Bloodsucker, have you ever lost sleep?
for the things you love?
Its not about earning scene cred, its about doing the best for change.

Diy or Die
I dont want to hear any complaining from you.

Nothing is meant to be perfect, every motive has a flaw and im full
of mistakes but this is where i belong.
Track Name: Forever Love
Its not the same
i know without you, there's countless of us
crying at night.
There's misdirection in all our lives
and i hate myself.

Because i only dream of you as a skeleton.

why is this happening to me?

Why did you have to drink that morphine?

I wasn't finished growing up yet
I'm sorry if that's selfish of me.

I still regret that i was 180 miles away, when you took your last breath.
The only thing that keeps me going is the closure i get when i know that i was the only one that got to say goodbye

Since you left, everybody stops and looks at me, just to remind themselves of what you used to look like.

In my own way, i am you..
Track Name: Stardust
Annihilation of the self.

will soon grind my bones

into dust

and that dust
will turn into the stars.

You look at night
dont wish upon me

I was always your bad luck charm.
Track Name: Neurodegeneration
Cholinergic, dopaminergic, nonadrenergic, serotonergic.
Agonist, antagonist

Drugs fit like keys into molecular locks

Consuming only to alter consciousness.
Social dis-inhibition
Most of the time we secretly need it.

What good is neurogenesis?
When i all want to do is forget.
Track Name: Punk has no room for closet misogynists
I stand here with my beer to my temple
And listen to you bitch and moan
About a false kind of love
I applaud your act with rolling eyes
Because I know all that matters to you
Is whats in between my thighs
Do you still sing with a broken heart
When you refer to us as toys
Right before your fucking set
The lovers, the dreamers and I
Have more passion in the songs we sing
Do You Still?

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